Erin Andrews' Privacy Violated

By: JB Bauersfeld
By: JB Bauersfeld


You've no doubt heard about what happened to Erin Andrews last week (if you haven't skip to the bottom, and come back when you're done).  I first head about it on twitter, and thought it had to be fake, or somebody trying to pull a fast one.  Once I figured out it was indeed EA, and how the video was obtained, I was appalled.  A woman (or man) shouldn't have to worry about things like that when in a private setting.  I sure as hell think that a hotel room is considered such a place.  

As a broadcaster in a male dominated field (sports), I have certainly had my share of sour grapes towards female reporters and anchors who have obviously gotten ahead due to good looks, it's a natural human reaction.  At the same time, I understand that it's part of the world.  The world's not always fair.  Most sports viewers are guys, and guys like pretty girls.  I'm over it,  I plug away and do my thing.  Also at the same time, I understand that a good number of those female sports personalities would have those jobs, even without pretty faces.  They're just damn good. 

In Andrew's situation, I've never had a problem with her.  I think she's damn good.  I watch a bunch of games on ESPN, and I've never thought, "good God, Erin Andrews wouldn't have a job if she weren't pretty."  She does a really good job of bringing insight, and the fact that it's in a beautiful package is moot.  Andrew's and ESPN have fervently gone after websites posting the video, and in a slightly delightful twist, hackers hid malware under the heading "Erin Andrews Video."  She has thousands of guys drooling all over her everywhere she goes, and that can't be easy, but I imagine she's used to it by now.  I imagine she feels violated, which she should, she was.  I hope they find the people that contributed to the video (taking and distributing), and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.  To Erin (who I know will never even catch wind of this blog posting): I'm sorry this happened to you.  You deserve better.  We all do.  


*** Last week, videos of a nude Erin Andrews spread over the Internet.  She was in a hotel room.  The video was obviously taken through a keyhole, peephole, or some other illegal means.***

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