Reactions to Prince and Krause's "Secret Deal"

By: JB Bauersfeld
By: JB Bauersfeld

If you haven't heard of the story yet, than read it here:

I'm calling this the "Mess in Manhattan." 

Okay, now that you're up on the story, here's my initial reaction:  What the hell were they thinking?!?  This is so infuriating as a guy who grew up rooting for the Wildcats ever Saturday afternoon of the football season.  I look back at when K-State President Jon Wefald named his "right hand man" Bob Krause the new AD.  I wasn't so sure about that move.  Krause didn't have any experience in hiring and firing coaches; and now we see that he should not have been trusted to that position.  Now Wefald was forced to ask his former (I'm assuming) friend to resign.  

I just hope that this doesn't go any deeper.  It has all the ingredients for a full fledged scandal.  A "secret deal," poor moral choices, millions of dollars, and major college athletics.  Prince was already set to be paid handsomely for being ousted for former/current coach Bill Snyder.  Why negotiate this "hand in both back pockets" deal?  Krause was in over his head, and now every supporter of K-State athletics, financially and otherwise, are left with a feeling similar to being surprisingly punched in the gut. 

This entire debacle seems to raise more questions than it could ever answer.  Some that come to mind include:  Who REALLY knew about all of this?  Was it really just between Krause, Prince, and Prince's lawyer Neil Cornrich?  What the heck is "Pursuit of Perfection," and why was the money to be paid to them instead of Prince directly?  Were Krause and Cornrich to be paid a portion of that 3.2 million dollars?  Is this hush money for something even bigger?  Did Bill Snyder have anything to do with this? (I don't think he did, and sure hope he didn't).  How can K-State fans regain trust in the athletic department?

The good news for Kansas State is that a new president and a new athletic director are already on their way in.  They should not be judged by their predecessors, and be allowed a clean slate, but who knows if fans and supporters will really allow that.  I know that K-State fans, and Kansans in general, are a trusting breed, and I'm heartbroken to see that trust be so blatantly broken.  Feel free to give your opinions.

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