That Knife is Really Sharp -with pics, eww-

By: JB Bauersfeld
By: JB Bauersfeld

Recently, I was at my parents house grabbing a bite to eat.  I had cut a piece of Gouda off of a cheese wheel, made a couple pieces of toast, and downed a carton of yogurt.  As I was getting ready to head back in to work I heard my mom drop a knife and yell an obscenity (well, for my mom it was).  I looked over and she had taken a chunk out of her middle finger while trying to scrape the cheese wax off of the new Cutco knife. 

I looked at her, and said something to the effect of "Mom, dang it, you know how sharp those knives are" (really she does, there's family history I'll tell you about in a second).  Well, no less than two minutes later I was trying to clean the knife for her using a scrubber brush thingy... well, I've always admired my mom, so apparently I thought I'd better follow her lead, and sliced straight into the back of my right index finger.  Boy did I feel like a royal moron.  I shouted out something that was a true obscenity, and mom and I headed off to Tallgrass immediate care.  I got three stitches, and my mom got her injury cauterized, well, for a second until it hurt too much, so they just wrapped it up instead.

The best part of the deal is that we both got tetanus shots because it'd been awhile for both of us.  We'll see if we got the family discount when the bills come in the mail.

As for the history, when my family first got Cutco knives my brothers were sophomores in high school.  How do I remember this, you probably don't ask.  Well, my brother Brooke (yes HIS name is Brooke) sliced straight through an apple and into his thumb within a month of getting the knives.  He ended up missing 3 games of his football season due to the damage.  Funny, huh? 

Anybody else have any dumb injury stories?  Feel free to share them.  Here are a couple of pictures of my damage.  They aren't the best, but you can see the cut goes across my finger between my knuckle, and nail, and there are 3 big stitches somewhere in there.






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