Global Warming Debate...

By: Andrew Switzer
By: Andrew Switzer

By - Drew Switzer

The global warming debate has been hotter than ever this week. (Pun intended)  Unprecedented, recent storms across much of the United States has caused each side to come out and claim proof for their argument.  In the past week locations like Washington DC, Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA have been buried under 40+ inches of snow.  Back to back storms of that magnitude in less than a week has never happened in those locations.  As I write this blog, a winter storm is churning through the Deep South.  This storm produced nearly a foot of snow in Dallas, TX and it will bring measurable snow to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and maybe even the Florida Panhandle.  An article today in USA Today says that if snow falls in Florida this may be the first time ever that all 50 states have measurable snow on the ground at the same time.  I have been watching the major news networks and reading some blogs this week and it is amazing to me how this week's weather has caused both sides to claim victory in this debate. 

Proponents of global warming are saying an effect of global warming will be more frequent major winter storms and that this week is just a sign of things to come.

On the complete other side, opponents of global warming are saying that snow in the Deep South is proof that global warming is really nothing to be concerned with.

So who is right?  NOONE!  Both sides are wrong, dead wrong!  Global Warming is a debate about climate change.  Climate is the weather that happens in a location over an extended period of time, not days, weeks, months or years, but centuries and longer.  Weather is what is happening now, this week, this year in a location.  The two are similar and related but are VERY different.

No matter what side of the debate you find yourself on, the weather events of this week do not give you an argument.  Snow in Dallas does not mean global warming is a farce.  It means the kids in Dallas don't have school today.  40 inches of snow in Washington DC does not mean Global Warming is imminent.  It means that the law makers in our nation's capitol have been even less productive than usual.

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