Transitive Property of Mathematics - Use it Pollsters!

By: Andrew Switzer
By: Andrew Switzer

By - Drew Switzer

Often in school, students will pose the question to teachers, "why do we need to learn this?" -or- "When are we ever going to use this?"  Normally, teachers are able to convince their students that they need to study and learn the material....however, I think the individuals who vote on the college football polls missed the day in school or decided they would never need to understand the transitive property of mathematics.

In case you too didn't pay attention on that day in 7th grade.  The Transitive Property says that if a=b & b=c, then a=c.  Or if a>b & b>c, then a>c.

Lets examine college football this year. 

Last night UTEP, a team that lost to KU and Texas by a combined 80+ points, beat Tulsa by 4.  Why is this important?  Well Tulsa also lost to Boise State by 7 points.  Using the Transitive Property, you would come to the conclusion that both Texas and KU are way greater than Boise State.  Now the smart, football savvy, people will point out that Boise State drilled a good Oregon team and that teams can improve throughout the year.

Boise State is in all the National Championship talks because they are ranked in the top 5 and undefeated with no real hard games remaining on their schedule.

My question to you, actually I have two...Do you think Boise State, or any other teams from non BCS conferences that  go undefeated through easy schedules should be considered for the National Championship game?

Secondly,  in my book, Boise State might be ranked between 20-30 when it comes down to how talented these teams are.  Where do you rank them?  Are they in your top 5, just because they are undefeated and have had a history of playing good football?

Obviously a playoff is needed and in that playoff Boise State would never be able to win 3 or 4 games in a row against the "big boys" of college football.


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