I popped the question.....I'm Engaged! (Pics and Video Included)

By: Andrew Switzer
By: Andrew Switzer

Well, if you were watching the morning show this today then you know that I had a big weekend.  I got engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world.  Her name is Leslie and we have been dating now for three years.  Currently, she is living and working in Jefferson City, MO, but she will move to Topeka when we get married next summer. 

Here is the story:  I took Friday off work and drove to Jeff City on Thursday afternoon.  I had this all planned out in my mind and was only hoping I could pull it off.  When I got to her house, the first thing she said to me was "are you ok?"  Then as we were driving to dinner she said..."you seem flustered."  Well, heck yes I was flustered...but she still didn't have any idea.  I took her to dinner at the place where I took her on our first date over 3 years earlier at Mizzou.  She said we sat at the table right next to the one we sat at on our first date, but of course I wasn't that observant.  We ate a good meal, but I couldn't finish my meal I was so excited/nervous...and for me not to clean my plate, you know something must be up.  I told her I was starting a diet.  She thought we were going to see the movie Angels and Demons after dinner...little did she know.  We had some time to kill before the "movie" so we drove through the campus (which is something we do when we are in Columbia so there were no alarms going off there.  As we were driving around she pointed out a spot where one of her friends had gotten engaged...I don't think I responded to that comment.)  It was a nice evening so I convinced her to take a walk.  We ended up on the Quad by the columns (which is the traditional symbol of Mizzou).  I was trying to figure out how I was going to start and that is when she spoted a man taking our picture from behind a tree.  She didn’t know it but it was my uncle in disguise.  I asked him to be there to take photos as the proposal took place.  She kind of jumped and said "that man is taking our picture and it is creeeeepy."  I laughed and said, "well what if I know who that is?"  "What do you mean?!" She replied.  I then said, "Well, what if I have bigger plans tonight then going to a movie?"  That’s when I went along and hit a knee and proposed.  She immediately started crying and said yes.  The ring fit perfect.  It was a magical moment and I have pictures that I wanted to share.  We also got to share the excitement with our families that night who were all in town.  She was completely surprised and it was a great experience.  I had thought out some things to say before I actually asked the big question, but it all went blank, but I guess I still got the point across.  Anyways, enjoy the pictures and I will also attach a clip from the morning show today when I showed the photos on air and told the story.




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