The "New K"

By: Andrew Switzer
By: Andrew Switzer

The "New K," as the renovated version of Kauffman Stadium has been called, is extremely impressive in my book.  I give it an overall grade of B+.  They did not compromise the integrity of the "old K" while upgrading the functionality and look of the new one.  The outfield seats are carefully entangled into the existing outfield fountains and there are new activities all over the outfield area including a miniature golf course, batting cages, base running time trials, gift shops, the new Hall of Fame, and a sports bar with a great view.  I sat in the front row of center field and thoroughly enjoyed a different but neat view of the game.  It takes a little time getting used to seeing the pitch, but when the ball is hit into the outfield it is very exciting.  John Buck hit a home run into the stands just to our right and a double bounced off the wall right in front of us.  Sitting in the outfield makes it feel like you are on the field of play at times.  Not to mention looking back at the stadium from center field is quite appealing to the eyes.  The concourses are wider making walking around easier and the food selection looks excellent.

So If I liked it so much, why only a B+?  Well, there was one "upgrade" that was a complete swing and a miss by the designers.  If you are a male, you will understand this...females may not.  In the "old K" they had troughs that spanned the length of the bathroom and you would cram in, shoulder to shoulder to go to the rest room.  This was highly efficient and kept the line moving so you missed minimal parts, if any, of the game.  Now the troughs have been replaced by individual urinals.  While the privacy is nice, the efficiency is gone.  Long lines was the result on opening day and this will continue to be the case on crowded games...and hopefully there are a lot of those in the Royals' future.  A long line may cause you to miss an entire inning or more in the bathroom.  If you are enjoying a few drinks with your buddies, you may need to go a little more often and miss 2 or 3 innings throughout the course of a game.  That is simply unacceptable.   All in all, the "New K" is excellent, but the male bathrooms are a disaster.

That's my opinion.  What is yours?  What do you grade the "New K"

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