Should the stay or go...K-State Freshmen

By: Andrew Switzer
By: Andrew Switzer

On Saturday, K-State suffered a season ending loss in the round of 32.  This marks the end to a successful season, although some may argue that the team actually underachieved considering the amount of pro-level talent on the team.  So now it becomes time for two players, Michael Beasley and Bill Walker, who are obviously ready to take that next step to make the decision to stay at K-State or move on to the NBA. 

Here is how I see it.  It all depends on why you think young adults go to college.  Do you go to college to get an education, or do you to to college to get a job.  I would argue the later, as the ultimate goal of any college graduate is to get a job.  Well, these two have the greatest job in the world lined up and ready to take.  Sure, there is life after basketball and it's important to be educated.  But why risk an injury and millions of dollars to stay in school now.  If your pro career doesn't pan out, then you can go back to school and get a degree and a "normal" job.  So my advice to Beasley and Walker would be to head on to the NBA.  Go get that dream job that everyone goes to college for.  Make millions and set your family up for generations to come. 

If they do decided to come back, then it must be for 3 more years and to complete a degree.  It would make no sense to come back for just one more year because they are both ready now.  If you're going to leave college early, do it now and don't risk injury.  So I hate to say it K-State fans, but if I were Coach Martin or any mentor to Beasley and Walker I tell them to go to the NBA.  It is the best move for their future.

Of course that is only my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know.

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