The Amazing Race – Japan – Episode 3

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

It was another great race to and through Japan for the remaining 10 teams. It got started off with what seems to be a theme this season… A huge plane delay! There was a direct flight that originally planed to get in 15 minutes later than a flight with a layover… Well of course, the flight with a layover ended up coming in almost an hour and a half later than the direct flight due to an engine problem! The runners on the delayed flight were Margie/Luke, Mel/Mike, Jaime/Cara, Zev/Justin, and Kent/Vyxsin. 
On the way to the road block, Jaime and Cara, hit another vehicle! They ended up having to wait for the police, which put them at the back of the pack from the very get go! 
Rod and Christina were the first to arrive at the Road Block, however were not the first to complete the rituals that were in the task… Keesha and Jen were 1st to move on to the Detour! At the detour the teams had to decide on Purity, which was a prayer ending with standing under a 45 degree water fall, or Frog of Luck which was finding a fake frog in a mud pit. Most teams chose Frog of Luck but a couple did choose Purity. I would have chosen frog of luck as well because it did seem a bit easier!
The interesting thing was when Flight Time and Big Easy finished Purity they took Christina’s fanny pack and when they realized it, they just left it in the changing room. As Christina said they should have at least brought it back down to her when they realized what they did! Do you remember the Globe Trotters back in their season taunting the girl on the slide? I really think that they are way too arrogant! 
At the Pit Stop, Zev and Justin came in first and were awarded a trip from Travelocity to Costa Rica! I want to go!!! Gary and Mallory came in 2nd, Flight Time and Big Easy came in 3rd but due to their actions after Christina told Phil, got them a 30 minute penalty making Flight Time and Big Easy come in 5th, Rod and Christa came in 3rd, Keesha and Jen in 4th, Jet and Cord in 6th, Kent and Vyxsin in 7th, Margie and Luke in 8th, and Jaime and Cara in 9th even though they thought for sure they were the last team to arrive! Mel and Mike were the last team to arrive and were eliminated. Mel just couldn’t handle the cold mud and Mike made him stop to warm up…
Side note: I do not like Kent and Vyxsin either… I am sure they are great people but I just don’t like them…
ALSO: Make sure to join in the LIVE conversation during The Amazing Race only on during each episode!
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