Survivor – Has The Young Hantz Lost His Mind?

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug
- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Survivor: South Pacific is fully under way and alliances are being built… Or some people think so…

Last week Semhar was voted out and is currently on Exile Island which left Cochran in the game. Now is his time to either put up or shut up! He needs to prove himself if he wants to stay in the game!

On the Upolu tribe Coach seems to be in the spotlight… He says that he has an alliance of Rick, Sophie, Brandon, and Albert. We shall see… However, I think that the strongest bond might be with the young Hantz by the name of Brandon. He sort of lost his mind right away in the show when he told Coach that he was Russell’s nephew… Did you not watch Russell vote out Coach? At any rate Coach says he will still trust Brandon… My opinion, that is going to bite coach because Brandon has the Hantz blood!

As for the Savaii tribe, Ozzy already has the idol! Without a clue, sorry Russell you really were not that good at this game. You just got a good edit! Not to mention Christine already found a clue for the idol!

For the comfort reward and immunity, the tribes competed! Red was so far behind for the majority of the competition until Ozzy got in play with the 3 other guys to solve the puzzle. They dominated and ended up winning it for the Savaii tribe sending Upolu to tribal council for the first time!

Coach wanted to split the votes 3-3-3 but no Brandon wanted to get rid of Mikayla because as a “man” he felt threatened by her. Give me a break you are just a little brat! So he told people that he wanted to vote her out. At tribal Coach let the cat out of the bag that Stacy and Christine wanted to vote out Mikayla when all along it was Brandon. Well, Brandon being the young player he is, lost his mind and confessed that it was him! CRAZY LIL HANTZ!

I guess it didn’t come back to bite him to bad though because the when the votes came in his name was never written down. It was 1-Sophie, 1-Edna, 3-Stacey, and 4-Christine. Sending Christine to Exile to duel with Semhar!

Who will win? Find out next Wednesday on CBS at 7pm central time!

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