Survivor Redemption Island – Thoughts & Review – Episode 8

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

What a show!
To start it out the tribes get tree mail that they are all going to redemption… Gee it didn’t take them long to figure out that it was MERGE time! It was time for Matt vs. Sarita in a duel! The problem was Matt had cut his foot and the challenge was for the two challengers to stand on pegs. The longest standing won the right to re-enter the game! 
After about 15 minutes, Phillip chimes in with about 15 minutes of nonsense, and the after a bit more time pasted… Sarita fell was was out of the game for good! Mat re-entered the game of SURVIVOR! I have to say I was happy after 6 duels and 6 wins he deserved the right to go back in the game!
Now that the tribes are merged into one they had to pick a new name and they chose MURONIO. 
For individual immunity the castaways had to balance on a log while holding a disk and balancing balls on that disk. Sounds easy huh? HAHA Well Julie obviously had the most problems with it because she was out right away with only 1 ball on the disk. Shortly after were Ashley and David with only 2 balls on the disk. And with 3 balls on the disk the order went: Andria, Grant, Rob, Mike, Phillip, Ralph, Steve, and Mike. The last one standing was Natalie so she WON individual immunity!
Matt now has a big decision to make… Which time is he going to align with… His only real true ally is Andrea. A big mistake for Matt was take he told Rob that he talked to the old Zapatera tribe but he wants to realign with him and the old Ometempe tribe… Bad move because now Rob wants to give Matt a one way ticket back to Redemption Island! Come on Matt! You should have known better than that! 
At tribal people were stunned… Phillip once again put in his 2 cents… Ralph decided to play his idol on Mike which was a total waste of time and energy and Robs plan actually worked! Rob is dominating this game! He completely blindsided Matt AGAIN and sent him right back to Redemption Island!
The Sprint Player of the Game is definitely not Ralph because of his stupid idol move… Not Andrea because what did she do that was great… So it has to be Natalie, at least she won the first immunity challenge! I didn’t find any of them that great… If I had a choice I would have given it to Rob because his move to send Matt back to Redemption was one of a kind!
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