Survivor Redemption Island – Steve & Andrea – Episode 12

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Survivor… What can I say! This game has strategic pathways that work in some cases and blow up in your face in others. 

The castaways left at camp and at redemption both got Sprint smart phones right away that provided the touching family moment at the beginning followed by meeting at redemption for the DUEL! The duel was as faceoff between Mike, Mike, Steve, and Ralph. The first 3 to break all four clay tiles were safe but person in last would join the jury… Mike was a power house, started out breaking a tile and continued to break a tile each round which won him the opportunity to spend time with his LOVED ONE! The following members to complete were Matt and Ralph leaving Steve headed to the jury. 

In Survivor, we all know… There are going to be choices… Steve had to pick whether to spend time with his loved one, give it to the other 2 redemption island castaways or the castaways still in the regular game. The move made next was even against Jeff’s wildest dreams… Steve gave the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones to the regular castaways! He thought it was his will to do and not to just advance him in the game! What a man… Not sure if he is the brightest man… But a very giving man…

Everyone of course had a great time with their loved ones and Mike apologized to everyone at redemption. Phillip says that he thinks he is dominating the game. What a joke! Then, Rob says, he knows that all everyone has to do is talk between each other and his strategy will be up in flames but he believes they won’t!

So, Andrea was the next target! Why couldn’t they just get rid of Phillip! He is quite a character but I am kind of tired of watching him go off on his tangents all the time. 

For immunity the castaways had to untie the ropes to release boards to complete a staircase puzzle. This wasn’t any ordinary puzzle either… It was a major workout with lots of steps in 110 degree weather! It was neck and neck between Grant and Rob at the end but Rob was able to yet again win immunity. Will Rob ever even need to play his own hidden immunity idol? I don’t think so! Rob was so exhausted after the challenge that he had to have help up off the top of the stairs!

As for tribal council the remaining Ometempe tribe had to go after someone and everyone thought they were safe when Jeff asked if anyone thought they were going home! Kind of interesting… Andrea was told that it was going to be Phillip and Phillip was told Andrea… Who was right… Well as a bigger threat, Andrea was sent to Redemption Island!


Sprint player of the week would have go to Rob once again. He is just dominating this game. However, I don’t think he really thought about the people on the jury. Everyone is from Zapetera and they all would never vote for him… So that’s the downfall of Rob’s strategy for sure.


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