Survivor: Redemption Island – Russell & Rob – Episode 4

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

This episode was EPIC! Russell Hantz was… For the first time after 3 seasons… Been ELIMINATED from the program without making it to the finals! Not to mention he was the 3rd person eliminated this season!
Russell went up against Matt in the dual at Redemption Island with a challenge similar to building a long line of dominos… The audience was Ralph and Sarita from Zapatera and Phillip and Kristina from Ometepe. After both couldn’t get their domino effects to work properly the first time, Matt was able to beat Russell by breaking his tile first! Once the challenge was over, Russell has a break down and CRY’S! I honestly felt kind of bad for him. He has made this game his life over the last couple of years. I have met him and he is nice but he is also very arrogant. Gee… Who would have guessed…? Anyways he does get his “Russell ways” back in to tell the other tribe what Zapatera has done even though Ralph tried to lie and cover things up….   GREAT REDEMPTION DUAL!
Back at the Ometepe camp, Rob is once again playing at the top of his game. As we know, he got the clue after the won the last challenge so he had an idea where the idol was hidden… So he got the tribe to go down to the beach, told them he was “constipated,” RAN back to camp to search for the idol in what he thought had to be 40 trees, FOUND the idol, and made it back to the beach without even being questioned about why he was gone so long! GREAT GAME PLAY ROB! 
At the reward/immunity challenge the tribes had to go through a series of obstacles by digging, using an axe, sawing, building, and untying. Rob and Ralph were really the main game players but when it came down to it Ralph did outplay Rob here bringing his tribe to victory. Zapatera WINS IMMUNITY!
Back at the Zapatera camp now Ralph was making me think of the Doritos Super Bowl commercial… They were cooking up their food from the reward and said he was willing to suck the food off other people’s fingers! GROSS!
Let’s just be honest… Phillip is a little crazy on this show… He doesn’t know when to shut up nor does he have very good communication skills. The only thing that he really has going for him is that Rob is in an “alliance” with him and trusts him a little more than others. On the other hand, Kristina does not have an alliance really with anyone and that is why she ultimately was voted out 4 to 3. (3 Phillip)
As for the Sprint Player of the week… I have my vote in for Rob! I really just feel like he is playing a PHENOMENAL game this time around. The man is making all the right moves without making anyone mad, so that is going to play in very well with the jury if he makes it that far.
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