Survivor Redemption Island – Rob & Phillip – Episode 7

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Another GREAT episode! The teams were evened out after the last tribal to 6 on Ometepe and 6 on Zapatera! The heat is on though with the tribes… There are divisions with Phillip on one and with David/Sarita on the other…
At Redemption Matt once again was on stage and his duel was against Stephanie. The viewing audience was Phillip & Rob from Ometepe and Ralph & David from Zapatera. This challenge was all about memory… Kind of like playing that card game as a kid when you flip over cards and get points for getting pairs… Well that was the challenge and Matt once again was able to dominate it! He got 5 pairs first and Steph followed behing with 3. That was the END to Stephanie’s game play. I am going to say… I felt bad for her… You dream about this change and then to get voted off, think you may have another change, and then still have to leave is heart breaking!!!
However, before leaving, Stephanie told Ralph to take out Sarita, and she told Rob to watch his back / win back Matt because the Zapatera tribe is coming after him.
When headed back to camp Phillip suggested to Rob not to tell the tribe what they saw… So, Rob used that against him and kept trying to turn the tribe more against Phillip. Great Job Rob because I can’t stand Phillip in this game! In Rob’s words… He doesn’t want to “blindside” Phillip… He wants to “frontside” him! HAHA
Poor Phillip thinks that he is getting treated badly and he should be getting different treatment since he is the oldest person in the tribe… All I have to say is, Phillip… BE QUITE! Not to mention his petty childish complaints about not getting more “crispy rice” HOW CHILDISH!
At the reward/immunity challenge the contestants had to gather bags to get 6 balls. In doing so they had obstacles to get though and the lead really went back and forth… In the end though Ometempe was able to shoot a better basket to get those 6 balls in the net! OMETEMPE WON REWARD AND IMMUNITY!
They went to the top of a volcano and of course in the food was the clue to the idol… As we all know Rob is a smart man, he found the clue, and threw it in the volcano! I have to say, I really like how Rob is playing this season! He really has taken what he has learned and put it to good use!
Back in reality… Zapatera had to head to tribal council… The choices of victims to vote out were David and Sarita. Obviously Sarita felt safe because she didn’t bring her things along with her… But to her surprise… SHE WAS VOTED OUT! Sarita received 4 votes and David 3. I guess the tribe decided to go with strength this time! After throwing the challenge to get rid of Russell they have lost 3 out of 4 challenges! They are falling apart! 
Now, Sprint Player of the week has to be Rob again! He is playing this game without a flaw! The man is playing it smart! I vote for Rob but who do you vote for? Grant, Rob, or Stephanie?
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