Survivor Redemption Island – Ralph & Grant – Episode 13

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

The backstabing of Grant, the continued domination of Rob, and more at Redemption Island!

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

So Andrea was voted out in episode 12 and of course she got to go to Redemption Island, little did she know that her former tribe mates were going to seek revenge. Ralph decided that it was her turn to sleep on the ground. I am sorry dude, are you just that childish? I guess so…
At the duel, it was Matt, Mike, Ralph, and Andrea. They had to do a maze and then a puzzle to stay in the game. Ralph started out very strong as the first one to finish the maze but the puzzle got him stuck! Mike finished first, followed by Andrea and Matt, pushing Ralph totally out of this game. Ralph… Come on now! Maybe if you were a little more courteous that wouldn’t have happened to you! O well…
Back at camp, the food supply is getting really low! Of course it turns into another fight for Phillip with the girls. He is trying to make justification that the girls shouldn’t eat much and the guys should eat more… In this situation, even though guys would typically eat more, everyone is starving! So that doesn’t make any since at all.

A funny situation occurred tonight… The power of immunity! First the plan was to vote out Ashley… However, Ashley presented the option to vote out Grant to Rob. Rob actually laughed almost in her face. For immunity the castaways had to gather bags with “fish bones” in them with hooks, and then assemble the fish bones. Natalie never really even competed in this she was so far behind. Grant wasn’t doing badly and neither was Rob but Ashley ended up winning! What a game changing challenge! Isn’t this what makes Survivor great?!?!?
For winning immunity Ashley got to choose 1 person to have room service back at camp. Who do you think she chose? Of course… Natalie!

I wasn’t actually sure who would end up getting voted off because Rob really is still controlling this game and he didn’t say a definite answer between Natalie or Grant. However, he did tell Natalie numerous times that he had her back. So when it came down to it he voted for Grant and Grant was the next and what I am guessing to be last person to Redemption! 

Grant doesn’t know though if Rob or Phillip that flipped which is good for Rob, however, I believe even though Rob played an EXCELLENT game he has no chance of winning. The jury is totally stacked against him so whoever he brings to the finals is going to win. We know Phillip is going to the finals with Rob and Rob is right, no one will vote for Phillip either.
I think that the Sprint Player of the season will be Matt. I have no doubt in my mind though that Matt or Rob will be the Player of the Season and the $100,000. I had to throw Rob in there because you never know what America might do…


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