Survivor: Redemption Island – Phillip – Episode 6

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug


- Posted By: Brian Haug -
OK… If you read this and you are a fan of Phillip in this game I want to know why… He has to be one of the most annoying people on this show! I had one person compare him to Russell but the thing is… Russell was just arrogant… Phillip is just annoying in the show! 
At Redemption, Matt took on Krista in his 4th duel! Matt is a force to be reckoned with! The duel was retrieving 3 bags with a hook and then using the ball in one of those bags to complete the table maize! It was actually a close race for the most part but Matt once again made it out on top with the win! He is just dominating Redemption Island! I really think that he has what it takes to make it back into the game!
For immunity and reward the tribes faced off by using a large sling shot to shoot balls across the beach for teammates to catch with a net. Sarita sat out since Zapetera had an extra player. Talk about domination! Ometempe scored all 5 points to win in a row! 4 by Grant and 1 by Rob! Grant was a rock star in this challenge! This was definitely good for Phillip because if they would have lost this challenge, I think that Phillip would have been sent packing unless the larger alliance kept him for an easy person to sit by in the finals!
At the reward Rob of course saw the hidden idol clue right away but decided it wasn’t safe to grab it. However, his alliance partner Grant went for it! Grant got it and they went to read it away for the rest of the tribe. Of course, Phillip knew something was going on because he is the 3rd person in the alliance and busted Rob and Grant for not telling him. FUNNY stuff! Phillip you are just along for the ride!
Zapatera once again had to head to tribal council. They were town between voting for Stephanie because of her strength or Sarita because of her loyalty. Steve actually put it another way and said that he couldn’t decide who to vote for because Stephanie has to much “lip service” and Sarita is to much of an “uptown girl.”
When it came down to it the majority of the Zapetera kept to their original alliance and voted out Stephanie to Redemption Island! The votes read were 3 for Sarita and 4 for Stephanie!
I think that David is going to have a huge target on his back now because of his fight for Stephanie to stay. Stephanie is going to be a battle for Matt though because she really wants to stay in the game! In addition, I think that Grant would be the player of the night because of his domination of the immunity challenge!
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