Survivor Redemption Island Thoughts & Review – Ralph & Steve – Episode 11

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

What a way to start off the game with more Phillip… He doesn’t accept Steve’s apology because he thinks it isn’t sincere… Then, because of his “visions” he found his shorts that Julie buried! OK… I do have to say that was a bit crazy that he was able to find the shorts… Not that anyone was upset about it though! HAHA


After 21 days on Redemption for Matt he competed in another duel against Mike and Julie. The interesting part is that Matt said at the beginning that if it is his time he is ok because he thinks he has completed what god ahs sent him there to do… However, I guess as it turns out his time isn’t over at redemption. In the game of Survivor Shuffle Board he isn’t too bad. He ended up being the first person to get all 3 disks to the highlighted area! Good Job Matt! Soon to follow was Mike meaning that Julie’s time in the game is up and she is the 2nd person on the Jury.

After the duel Andrea says something that she is soon going to regret… That she felt bad for Matt on a human level but not a game level. For me, I think I would be the same as Andrea so I don’t think everyone should of turned on her but Rob lead the charge of dragging her name over the coals to vote her out.

For immunity the castaways competed in the log roll challenge with the reward of chocolate cake. (I don’t think I would do well in this!) Rob was out first, followed by Andrea, Steve, Natalie, Ashley, Phillip, and Ralph… Making Grant the winner for immunity! By winning he chose Rob and Andrea to eat cake with him! They had to be sick after eating all of that sugar after only having rice for weeks!

The only strategic move that Steve tried to make for the old Zapetera tribe was for the 3 girls left to vote out Rob. However, they didn’t want to get rid of their leader and Ashley/Natalie didn’t want to tell Andrea because she was also on the chopping block!

So at tribal they ended up voting out Ralph with 5 votes (2 for Rob) and then the TWIST was “You will now compete in your next immunity challenge and immediately following vote out one more tribe member.” This was a game of remembering card symbols. Phillip was out first followed by Natalie, Grant, Andrea, Ashley and Steve… Meaning that Rob won immunity! Like he needed it… He still has the hidden immunity idol and he is controlling the entire old Ometempe tribe!!!

So after voting for a second time the talk of Andrea wasn’t followed through… So they voted out the LAST Zapetera member… Steve is now the 4th castaway on Redemption Island! Should be interesting on how they structure the game with 4 people there!

As for the Sprint player of the game I have to go with Rob. He is just controlling this entire game. The man couldn’t be playing the game any better! May not be everyone’s favorite but he is playing VERY well!

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