Survivor Redemption Island Thoughts & Review – Mike & David – Episode 9

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

It was double eviction tonight! A night of survivor that was honestly somewhat predictable but still very exciting! We all knew that the old Ometempe tribe with Rob as the leader was going to take out the old Zapetera tribe 1 by one… We just didn’t know the order… HAHA

Rob’s plan to take out Matt for a second time was rather genius. Rob is defiantly the controller of this season! Matt said that he feels like a moron though and apologized for being the most naïve person to ever play the game of Survivor! (That might be challenged by some people!)

There is a break in the Ometempe tribe to some extent though… Ashley decided to talk to Ralph behind Robs back which I find ok… But Rob other the other hand felt he was loosing control of Ashley so he says she will be the first to go when the time comes!

At the first immunity challenge the castaways had to dig for their club, untie the knots and then break a tile.  With only 6 able to advance, the winners were: Grant, Rob, Ralph, Mike, David, and Julie. The next part of this challenge was filling a tube with water from mouthfuls in a trough! Sounds like fun huh? The 3 to advance here were: Grant, Mike and David. Then at the final part… The Puzzle… Grant was able to win individual immunity! Gee imagine that… A Ometempe member!

Back at camp the old Ometempe tribe was off on their own, as throughout this entire episode, but realize that the old Zapetera tribe was digging under the new tribe flag… They thought there might be an idol so they went running… No one found an idol there. The whole situation was a bunch of nothing but paranoia! HAHA

At trible, Phillip of course couldn’t shut up but what’s new? With a vote of 5 Phillip and 6 Mike, Mike was voted out to Redemption Island.

Think that is it? Of course not… IT’S DOUBLE TRIBAL TONIGHT!

At a second immunity challenge the castaways could choose between a fight for immunity, or cheeseburgers! The only cheeseburger bandits were Steve and Phillip! As for the challenge itself, Rob lasted it seemed like 2 seconds… It came down to David vs. the female Ometempe’s and when David fell the girls let Ashley win immunity!

After the challenge there was more drama! OF COURSE! Ralph noticed that there was all kinds of fish on shore that had been caught… However, they were dead so Rob told his tribe not to eat them! Yes, Rob is a dictating his tribe. So the old Zapetera tribe had all themselves!

At tribal it was another obvious voter turnout! It was the 4 old Zap’s voting for Rob and the old Ometempe’s voting for David. David got to join Mike and Matt at Redemption where they will duel at the beginning of the next episode!

That’s it for me! 

ALSO, Make sure to join in during the show on to chat about what you think of the castaway’s actions! 

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