Survivor Redemption Island Review & Thoughts – Julie, David, & Phillip – Episode 10

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Well did you see the pre-view for tonight’s episode of Survivor? That pretty much said it all! Phillip became the star of this show if you want to call it that by not keeping his mouth shut… He was called crazy by Steve and turned it into a racial deal! Come on now man! All over some rice! WOW!

Anyways, the reason the rice issue came about is the old Zapetera tribe had an abundance of rice compared to the old Ometempe tribe… Not to mention the Ometempe rice had maggots in it! So Phillip wanted to combine them, Steve said no, and the racial fight began! I still can’t believe that happened! WOW!

For the duel at Redemption it was Matt vs. Mike vs. David. David and Mike were sent to tribal, according to Rob, to beat Matt but as witnessed… They just were not a match for Matt. The challenge was building a house of 150 cards and Mike finished first, then Matt finished, eliminating David for good and he became the FIRST member of the Redemption Island jury! I think that Matt is going to make it back in the game and win the million at this point… What do you think?

The funny part of this is, we knew before but it is clear now, that Rob really and truly is SCARED of Matt! (and rightfully so)

For individual immunity it was a multi stage puzzle wheel… The first 6 to complete the first round moved on to complete the wheel. The 6 that moved on were Rob, Julie, Ralph, Andrea, Steve, and Grant. The second part was putting the puzzle together and guess what… Rob WON immunity! That gave him individual immunity and he still has the hidden immunity idol! This man has played before and is using that knowledge for good!

A funny quote from Rob on the way to tribal was: “One man should not have this much power on an island but, I’m glad I do.” HAHA

O YEA! We can’t forget that Phillip had his trunks stolen by Julie so he went to tribal with just his pink underwear! WOW! He finally found out from Julie when she let it out in tribal that she buried them under a rock! HAHA

Also at tribal the racial issue is brought up, Jeff is told to be quite from Phillip so that he can finish his story, Jeff breaks down the racial issues between Steve and Phillip, and then tribe was calmed down from the looks of things! Again… WOW!

With a vote of 3 for Phillip and 5 for Julie, Julie is headed to Redemption Island! On her way out she reminds Phillip, “Guess your not goin to find your shorts.” HAHA


As for the Sprint player of the night my vote goes to Matt! He is dominating Redemption and I think that he is going to win this season to be honest!

Let me know what you think right here and also make sure to join in on the LIVE blog during the show only on!!!
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