Survivor Redemption Island - Thoughts & Review Of Episode 1

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Here are my thoughts and a short review of what took place during the first episode of Survivor Redemption Island! Enjoy!!!

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

It was a great premiere night of Survivor: Redemption Island on CBS! Starting off with the tribes landing from helicopters with no idea that Russell and “Boston” Rob would soon be joining them from another helicopter! When the 2 appeared from the copper the regular cast had mixed emotions I believe… Most being that they wanted to get rid of Russell for sure, in my opinion. Rob and Russell have a combined game time of 156 days! WOW! I mean that is impressive! Each season is 39 days… Do the math!
Once the tribes were decided you could tell that the team with Russell (Zapatera) was not thrilled about him being there! Rob, on the other had seemed to be a bit more accepted by his tribe (Ometepe)! I think that Russell will be out in the first 5-8 episodes depending on what all happens at Redemption Island… Rob, I think will stick around awhile yet after Ruseell but won’t last nearly till the end of the season. Thoughts?
Can you believe that Kristina found the idol in the very first episode? CRAZY! Then to top it off she made it put her neck on the chopping block! Come on! Have you ever watched survivor before? She should have kept that thing to herself for now!!! She told Francesca right away and Phillip soon after… Phillip was the one she really messed up with!
At the challenge Zapatera pretty much won before the challenge even started. Right away they were ahead! I can see that they will win in strength challenges for sure!
Rob is definitely going to take his knowledge from past seasons to his benefit. He already was thinking up a strategy to split the votes because he suspected that Kristina had the idol even though she didn’t directly tell him. However, Phillip wants Rob OUT! 
It was brought out in tribal that Phillip is the “leader” which as we all know is not good for poor Phillip! He really was digging a grave through the entire episode. The dude can’t keep his mouth shut! Then, to top it off he lets the cat out of the bag that Kristina has the idol!
Rob, once again showing his strategic mind, asks her to give it to him to show that she is trustworthy. Yea, Rob, not going to happen! She kept it which is why I think she only got 3 votes… Jeff’s words were: “This is one of the most amazing tribal councils ever, I have no idea what is about to go down”
The final vote was: 4- Francesca, 3, Kristina, and 2 Phillip! 
Francesca was sent to REDEMPTION ISLAND!
Check back next week for my thoughts and recap of this season! Have a great week and any thoughts you have… PLEASE POST! 
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