Survivor Redemption Island - Rob vs Russell - Thoughts and Comments on Episode 2

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

What did you think of the power play made by Rob and the idol situations? Great episode 2 in my opinion!

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Hey Survivor Fans! I think that this episode really focused a lot on Rob… I have to say that I am starting to like the way that he is playing the game this time around though. He is making great moves socially to make it far into the game. After the first tribal council, Phillip approached Rob and told him pretty much that Rob can own his vote and even though Phillip is a bit crazy, Rob is making power plays and using that to his advantage!
To step away from Rob for one moment and take a look at Russell’s game play… He is being WAY to arrogant! Visibly and Verbally! Russell went looking for the idol, right in front of his tribe and the best part was Ralph found it without a clue! Ralph’s response was… Eat your heart out Russell! HAHA (CBS is hiding these idols way to easy to find though in my opinion)
At the reward/immunity challenge it was down to the wire but Zapatera (purple) won and what sealed the deal for Ometempe (orange) on who to vote out was Matt went over and shook Zapatera’s hands. Come on now Matt, you just don’t do that in the head of the moment! That did it for Rob and he got Ashley, Natalie, and Grant to make a power play with him to vote out Matt as a blindside!
Once again, back to Russell… Once Zapatera was headed back to camp, Russell tried to play his game experience in his favor… He took the winnings to carry because he knew there would be a clue for the idol in the basket. Thinking he was being sneaky the tribe caught him and Ralph the current idol holder called him out about it to his face! Now from the looks of things RUSSELL HANTZ is going to play his don’t mess with me game and we will have to see how that turns out for him. I am almost certain that he will be headed home sooner than later!
Rob is once again having great game play because he was able to talk to Phillip, let him somewhat in on the plan, and keep him from spilling the beans! He was able to pull his 4 together behind the rest of the tribes back to blindside Matt with a vote of 2 Kristina (these didn’t count), 2 Phillip, and 4 Matt! Rob’s power play worked out perfect because Kristina even played the idol!!!
My vote is for Rob as Sprint player of the week? Do you think it should be Phillip or Russell? 
What were your thoughts on this episode?
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