Survivor Redemption Island - RUSSELL - Episode 3

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

OK… This episode was EXCELLENT! Redemption was great, the scheming was great, tribal was great, and it was all just… GREAT! 
At redemption David and Steve from Zapatera and Ashley and Andrea from Ometempe got to go watch the battle between Matt and Francesca! The battle was simple but challenging… Matt and Fran had to use sticks and ropes to build a poll to retrieve keys to open up the door they were behind. You know in this game you can’t let a lead get you down… Fran was ahead by retrieving 2 of her 3 keys before Matt even retrieved 1! But then, Matt ended up pulling through to WIN! He is still in it to win the game! I truly thought that Matt was DOOMED and Francesca had this one in the bag… But I was SO wrong!
Back at camp David and Steve started the works of getting Russell voted out by telling the tribe that Francesca won… (To throw off Russell) This then turned into them talking the team into throwing the challenge to ensure that they could trim the fat (Again meaning Russell) of the team!
The reward was chairs, pillows, tarp, blankets, and a lantern. Ralph and Sarita sat out for Zapatera and as I mentioned before Zapatera threw the challenge, Russell knew exactly what they did, and Ometempe beat them horribly! 
Once Rob got back to camp he did decide to look for the idol unlike his past experiences! He did find it and said that he is sharing it with NO one! I do believe him and I actually REALLY like the way that he is playing the game! I am a new found fan for him!
Steve and David’s plan was put into action by splitting their votes 3 for Russell and 3 for Steph. Of course Russell wasn’t sitting still with his alliance of Stephanie and Krista. They actually had a great plan of flipping Julie to vote for Ralph to make it 4 for him. As Russell put it this would be a SHOCKER if Ralph was voted out.
At tribal, Steve, lied about not throwing the challenge which was very interesting. Not to mention David and Stephanie are not going to be friends in this game! Wow! The vote did turn out to be 3 Ralph, 3 Russell, and 3 Stephanie! Meaning Julie did not flip! So then Russell was ULTIMATELY voted out! CRAZY!
Side note… I do not like Ralph… Is anyone with me?
Anyways make sure to join in with me during the episodes on to chat about the castaways and what’s going on this season! It’s FUN!!!
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