Big Brother – Daniele’s Big Move and Eviction

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug
- Posted By: Brian Haug -

We all knew that Daniele and Dominic were teaming up a couple… Now if it was more than just an alliance… That is going to have to be an observation made by each of us… I however, say absolutely! This little house guest fling for Daniele put Dominic as the #1 target for eviction tonight and her #1 target next week if another one of the veterans win HOH!

I honestly can’t believe that Daniele even tried to make that kind of a power move to backdoor Jeff at this point in the game! Way to soon girl! It is going to bite you in the butt!

I would say though, that Brendon for 1 of the veterans has a very big head. When Kalia tried to talk to him in the hammock he acted like a complete jerk! At least Jeff has a tact about the way he ignores people… LOL

It was very funny when Daniele called Rachel an idiot in the “house meeting” and Brendon stuck up for his finance! Daniele really just took a beating at the house gathering which ensured Dominic’s eviction.

At the eviction Dominic said in his goodbye speech that there are spineless jellyfish in the house! Which meant… All of the newbies! The only one he thought would go against the vet’s was the vet herself, Daniele. Well I guess there is some truth to that but the vet’s kept winning! That is the smart thing to do! Tell them what they want to hear!

So when it came down to the votes it was 7-1 and Daniele was the only one that voted for Adam. My vote since the beginning of the season was to evict Dominic so I guess I got my way! Are you happy with tonight’s eviction? My next target would have to be Adam… Can’t say I am a big fan of him either…

The HOH competition started but is one that is going to be going on for a couple hours… The house guests are on the wall waiting for the house guests to fall down!

Stay tuned for a SPOILER!

What are your thoughts of tonight competition and nominations? Let me know right here as well as on my LIVE chat during each episode on! It fun, and it's LIVE!
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