Big Brother 13 – Yelling & Nominations

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug
- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Yelling was a main act tonight on Big Brother! No matter what Kalia says she is Dani’s puppet whether she realizes it or not.

However, a couple things happened tonight… Adam lost his elf outfit by stripping in front of the house in the living room! HAHA We found out Kalia grew up with money… Gee, that explains the way she acts! Last but not least, Shelly lets us know she is sad not to get to send her baby off on her first day of school… That is kind of sad!

The have or have not competition was a “mix” of emotions tonight… It was called “Call your own shots” and it consisted of mixing items on a list for the other house guest to drink… First was Jeff vs. Lawon with Jeff winning, second was Shelly vs. Porsche with Porsche winning, and third was Jordan vs. Daniele with Daniele winning. Jordan felt like she lost it for the team because she was the last to go and lost in a tie. So Jeff, Jordan, Rachelle, and Shelly are Have Not’s this week.

Then, in the HOH room Jeff and Jordan go up to talk to Kalia about who she is nominating. Kalia says she is putting up Rachel and Jeff but Rachel is her target. Both Jordan and Jeff blow up! Jordan ends up leaving after saying that she is putting 2 huge targets on her back by putting up Jeff and Rachel! Not to mention with the twist coming up one of them might be back in the house. Then, Jeff yells some more and tells Kalia that she is his #1 target if he stays in the house.

So, needless to say… As Daniele’s puppet, she put up Jeff and Rachel!

Do you think she made the right move? I think she should have put up Lawon… He is a TOTAL floater!

What are your thoughts of tonight’s nominations? Let me know right here as well as on my LIVE chat during each episode on! It fun, and it's LIVE!
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