Big Brother 13 - Duo's and HOH

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

The first HOH winner and the new house guests pick duo's! This will be a CRAZY summer house party!!!

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

It was a crazy nigh of Big Brother! But what else can we expect in a show that is centered on “expect the unexpected!” The new 8 house guests finally meet each other, many lie about what they actually do, and then they had to choose who they would pair with to play the game with as a duo!
Items to note…
Shelly thinks Porshe is a stripper name
Kalia has a hair phobia
Porshe like Dominic
The new player duos that play together and get nominated together are:
Keith and Porshe
Shelly and Cassi
Dominic and Adam
Lawson and Kalia
So they of course know something is going on because their isn’t enough people to play the game so they “say” that they are making an alliance together. However, little did they know that some of the people returning are their all time favorites… Brendan and Rachel return as an engaged couple and they all seem ok with evicting them… THEN, Jeff and Jordan come in and some are in awe because they are like America’s couple… THEN, Evil Dick and Danielle show up but have not spoke in 3 years and Adam for 1 was in awe of Evil Dick…
For example of why I don’t like Evil Dick… He is so arrogant and even said, “I am the only winner here” right in front of Jordan and she said “He looks at me like chop liver, I HATE CHOP LIVER!” HAHA
For HOH the house guests go bananas! They had to hang on Banana’s as duo’s and the last person hanging on becomes the first HOH! So this wasn’t as easy once the chocolate and whipped cream started getting sprayed on the house guests. The first out was Jordan, followed by Keith, Cassi, Lawon, Adam, Jeff, Dominic, Brendan, Kali, Porshe, Evil Dick, Danielle, and RACHEL BECAME THE FIRST HOH! (she said she wouldn’t put Evil Dick or Danielle up for eviction)
The twists still were not done after Rachel became HOH… The person that survives being on the block will receive a “golden key” and then that person will be safe until the final 10! This is a HUGE Big Brother TWIST that will make this summer season a HIT!
Who will Rachel put up for eviction? I think that it will be a discussion between her and Brendan… We know it will be a newbee… I think it will be Kalia because she has already expressed her dislike of Rachel so I think Rachel will catch on…
What do you think?
Also let me know what you think during each episode of Big Brother on my LIVE CHAT on! ALWAYS FUN, ALWAYS LIVE!
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