Big Brother - Rachel's Got Power

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug
- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Tonights episode was full of more Drama! Rachel has the power as HOH and like every Sunday there is a competition... But first when Rachel came out to bring everyone up to her HOH room, everyone was hidden and threw pillows at her when she cam out of the diary room! HAHA

This time the competition was not have or have not but it was a luxury competition! The house guests were given clues to one of the superstars that is going to be on Same Name the new CBS reality show! The first clue were bars of soap and some binoculars... No one can ever say anything bad about Jordan again because she got Baywatch out of that and was the first to make a guess and got it right! David Hasselhoff! She got to choose 3 other people to watch a screening of the show Same name and chose Jeff, Shelly, and Kalia! Of course this ticked of Rachel and was part of what became of another fight for Brendon and Rachel! They had more fight time in the show than luxury show time! Geez!

Hasselhoff was great and he said that if he were to align with someone he would align with Jeff and Jordan! Good eye Mr. Hasselhoff!

Couple other note though.... Jeff is not getting good sleep when in the same room as domicile because he snores horribly! One more ing is "all slop, no bacon makes Adam a mean boy!". HAHA

Back to Brendon and Rachel... "we are our own worst enemies". Yes I agree! All we hear are You two fighting! You two can't agree on anything and Brendon might be right... Maybe he should leave the game if you two want to stay together!

Anyways, Rachel has to make nominations and I really thought that she was going to put up Jeff and Jordan. She made a deal with Dominic and Daniele so I believe the real plan is to backdoor Jeff or Jordan this week! O how I will really not like you Rachel! Get rid of Dominic!!! As long as Jeff or Jordan win the POV this could happen!

I guess we will see!

What are your thoughts of tonight competition and nominations? Let me know right here as well as on my LIVE chat during each episode on! It fun, and it's LIVE!
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