Big Brother - Rachel Gets Nutty - Jordan's Nominations

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug
- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Well tonight's show was Crazy! Rachel was so obsessed with getting Cassi up on the block that the Veterans alliance goes into jeopardy!

So, Jordan is HOH this week and her and Jeff have Dominic and Adam up on the block. It is the night to air the POV competition so it isn't uncommon to see deals being made... However, tonight Rachel talks to Brendon about how she wants Dominic to stay in the game and they have to win POV to take him off the block so that Cassi goes home! Meanwhile Daniele wants the same thing but is keeping her hands clean...

Come on Veterans... You are not playing a smart game!!!

The veto comp consisted of chewing gum, walking across a balance beam, and then sticking it to a board to form the POV symbol. If you fall off you can return in the game of you take 2 weeks of slop. Jordan fell of and Jeff talked her out of going on slop but Rachel makes the comment about Jordan not playing the game as a competitor! So Rachel fell off, took 2 weeks of slop and then fell off right away again! Be quite Rachel your mouth just gets you in trouble and you are not playing a smart game! Jeff was so furious at her it turned into Rachel crying in the bushes after Dominic won the competition! (which I am not happy about by the way).

Rachel even said... "no wonder America hates me!". Come on now... If you are saying that you really should get a grip on yourself! It is just a game!

So Jordan had to put 2 new people on the block which is one of the worst parts of this game! She knows Rachel's wants to get rid of Cassi so Jordan really didn't want to put them up but had the idea to backdoor Brendon and Rachel... I was so hopping that Jordan would make that big move but she just couldn't because of the risk that would put her and Jeff in. So Cassi and Shelly are now up on the block... I know that Cassi is going home! There is no chance of Shelly actually getting evicted!

What are your thoughts of tonight's POV and nominations? Let me know right here as well as on my LIVE chat during each episode on! It fun, and it's LIVE!
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