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By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug
- Posted By: Brian Haug -

I guess that Rachel and the veterans must be granting my wishes because I got my wish... I have wanted Dominic gone since the moment he walked in the house and it looks like Daniele has sealed the deal for him!

Daniele had been spending the majority of her time trying to convince Rachel and Brendon to backdoor Jeff which just caused them to want to evict Dominic that much more when it came right down to it!

To make it even funnier, Rachel and Brendon convinced domicile to throw the POV before they even realized he was the real target! Come on... Isn't reality show competition 101 that you never throw a competition? Never fails at it bites you in the butt!

The POV competition was between: Brendon/Rachel, Adam/Dominic, and Jeff/Jordan with Porshe as the host. It was an opportunity for Jeff to redeem himself after last years "technotronis" word. They has to pull hair off of the huge leg in the backyard which had letters on them to use to spell a word. (Which Jeff thinks when it comes to hair, girls should keep it clean everywhere!)

Anyways, Dominic, Adam, and Jeff spelled 9 letter words but they were no match for Brendon's word "understanding" coming in at 13 letters! This gave Rachel and Brendon complete control once again this week!

After the veto competition Dominic digs his grave even more when he told Shelly that he needs her to align with himself and Daniele. This is of course a bad move because Shelly doesn't want Jeff and Jordan going home! Smooth move D man! Haha

So nominations of corse stayed the same tonight as Adam and Dominic and Dominic is for the most part set to go packing right out the front door!

Finally! I get what I have been asking for since the beginning of the season! Dominic is going home!

What are your thoughts of tonight competition and Veto meeting? Let me know right here as well as on my LIVE chat during each episode on! It fun, and it's LIVE!
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