Big Brother - POV Winner... Backdoor?

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug
- Posted By: Brian Haug-

Did Rachel and Brendon really not see this coming? If they really thought that if Adam or Shelly won the POV they wouldn’t be backdoor’d… Who were they kidding?

Tonight was mainly just drama with Shelly and Rachel fighting between who is a liar… I would have to go with Rachel only because of the “then if we vote out Jordan comment” because I know Shelly would not have said that!

For the POV it was a Big Brother version of corn hole… The way to get eliminated was: have the highest number from the wheel when your bag fell… However, if it went the hole you only received 1 point but off the structure you were automatically eliminated with the highest number. Then once eliminated you could pick a prize buried under some stuff in baskets…

So right off the bat Shelly threw her back over the structure so she was eliminated! Come on Shelly! She pulled the POV but Jordan was eliminated next and pulled solitary confinement with a phone call from home… She was so excited but knew she had Jeff in the house… So she was so nice and gave it to Shelly so she could talk to her husband and daughter Josie! So nice of her! Then, Kalia got a Caribbean vacation, Dani got a Veto Ticket, Jeff got $5,000 and Adam won the competition pulling the humilitard… However, since Adam won he told the VETO from Jordan giving her the humilitard!

Note: Jeff threw the comp so that he wouldn’t have to make the decision to pull someone off the block or not… Good call Jeff!

Did I mention Jordan gets to wear the humilitard… SHE CAN ROCK IT! HAHA

So, Shelly received her phone call from home and made America cry! So sweet! Then the POV ceremony rolled around and Adam took himself off of course with Brendon as his replacement… The best part was when Dani said: “Big Brother is a game of twists and this year it appears to be a zombie that just wont die.”

The KEY here is that Adam is going to be the swing vote… Dani, Kalia, and Porsche for Brendon AND Jordan, Jeff, and Rachel for Shelly! I honestly do not know who I want gone… Who do you want out of the house?

What are your thoughts of tonight's POV? Let me know right here as well as on my LIVE chat during each episode on! It fun, and it's LIVE!
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