Big Brother - Nominations and Have/Have NOTS

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

The second episode of Big Brother has aired tonight and I have to say that I was a bit disappointed! I wanted to see the Evel Dick disappearance tonight but I will have to wait until Wednesday I guess!!!
So tonight, the vet’s decided that they didn’t have enough numbers and worked to get Porshe and Adam on their side…  It is going to work for Porshe but Adam on the other had isn’t going for it from what he said.  Then, Porshe on the other hand of course had to talk to Keith and now she is on the outs with the newbies!
Of course there has to be an alliance name pop up right away again…  Keith, Lawon, Cassi, and Dominic form an alliance called “The Regulators.”  This is Dominic’s “brain child as he called it so I guess if it works out we can chalk one up for Dominic.  
Tonight was the first Have/Have Not competition and it was a competition of cows on the moon!  The paired duo’s had to fill up bottles of milk and the first 2 to get them all full would become a have and the last team of 4 would be come have nots… The teams were: Orange - Shelly, Casey, Lawon, and Kalia ~ Blue – Daniele, Dick, Jeff, and Jordan ~ Green – Dominic, Adam, Porshe, and Keith. Bendon and Rachel did not compete because Rachel is HOH.
At the competition 3 people from each team had to get their cow suit soaked in milk from the “milk fall” and then 1 person from the team had to squeeze them out. Jeff of course dominated this and Keith looked like he was humping his team… HAHA
When it was all said and done, the Blue team came in first, the green team came in second and the orange team became the have NOTS. So they had to move into what the house guests called the “insane asylum,” take cold showers, and only eat slop for the week! YUMMY!
And last but not least the HOH, Rachel, had to do nominations… She said that this season she is not going to get so emotion but this year it has to be game play! Good call Rachael! I can’t stand all the crying this year!!! So, she put up Keith and Porshe. 
As we know Keith and his alliance know about Porshe changing sides and we shall see if “The Regulators” can save Keith. However, we can’t forget about the Power of Veto (POV) because that can change the game before we even reach eviction night!
I want to see Keith leave to be honest because I would like to see the alliance break up. I am not a fan of Dominic of Lawon either… What do you think?
Let me know right here as well as during each episode LIVE on with fans of Big Brother! At - It’s FUN, and it’s LIVE!
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