Big Brother - Have Not's & Week 2 Nominations

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug
- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Tonight was the Have – Have Not competition and nominations… But first we must have some drama of the newbies (Dominic) trying to figure out who voted to evict Keith! We all know it was Shelly and Kalia but they kept their mouth shut and didn’t let anyone know it was them! So it was a match between Dominic and Adam thinking the other one is one when it was really Shelly and Kalia! HAHA The even funnier part is Dom says in conversation that he only trusts Cassi and Shelly but no one else in the house! FUNNY! I really am not a fan of Dominic!

For the Have Not competition it was time for the “March of the Ants!” The duo’s had to suit up together in an ant suit and go through a maze designed as a picnic! The entire time Brendon and Rachel led with Dominic and Adam the closest but Brendon and Rachel of course won! So they had to put up 2 duo’s as the “have not’s” for the week and they chose: Dominic & Adam and Cassi and Shelly!

At the end of the challenge Kalia was screaming with pain! Lawon was on top of her in the aunt suit and Big Brother medical ended up coming in, cutting Lawon out of the ant suit and checking out Kalia. She must have just been scarred about something because she was cleared and fine.

Last, Jordan had the duty as HOH to put up a duo for eviction. Dominic had went up to the HOH room and for the most part sold his sole to Jeff and Jordan due to knowing he didn’t have a good alliance with the newbies. (Jeff & Jordan say they think they can trust Dominic and Daniele said she would like to get rid of Cassi) However, Jordan ends up deciding to put up Dominic and Adam for eviction. I would say with a goal of evicting Adam…

I want Dominic to get evicted though!

Anyways let me know what you think right here or join me on during each episode to chat with me along with other fans about the house guests!
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