Big Brother - Episode 3 - Dick's Departure & VETO

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -


Poor Porshe…  She just doesn’t understand the game of Big Brother...  Or she is already paranoid!  The veterans really have left you into their circle and are aligned with you!  Stop crying that you don’t know what is going on and start playing along! 


I am so tired of hearing Keith acting like he is safe and ruling that house in “The Regulator” alliance that I am sick!  PLEASE SEND KEITH PACKING!!!


Now…  The moment we were all waiting for…  (anyway those of us that read spoilers)  Dick was called to the diary room, then NEVER came back!  What the episode didn’t show is the amount of times that Daniele asked the producers what happened to her father!  So, to let the house guests know, the producers called Rachel into the diary room and gave her a card with the information on it about Dick’s departure due to personal reasons.  (Dick released a video and asked for people to stop making rumors about his departure, it wasn’t to further Daniele in the game or that someone in his family was hurt, it was purely for personal reasons)


So , that was that and the game moves forward.  With Dick gone though the veterans were up in the HOH room saying that there is no chance for them…  However, Jeff seems to be the only one with a voice of reason saying that they can do it because they know the game better than the newbies!  We shall see…  I want to see the veterans take out the newbies actually!  I don’t like many of them at this point!


On to the newbies conversation, Keith tries to call out Porshe and Kalia for flipping to the other side!  (Porshe yes, Kalia not so much) Of course, this just makes Keith look like more of a ticking time bomb so hopefully he get’s the boot out the front door!


Side note: Daniele decides…  Hmm…  The golden key might be a good thing so that I can play my social game…  Hmmm….  Yea, I think it is a good thing to have the golden key…  Not good for the veterans but good for you!


For the Power of Veto competition the duo’s playing (Jeff & Jordan, Rachel & Brendon, and Porshe & Keith) had to complete a puzzle while being pulled up and down by their partners.  Keith and Porshe both decided to throw the competition but the other one had no idea.  It was rather comical because they both thought they were master minds and really neither of them were!  HAHA  Even though they were throwing the comp…  Jeff and Jordan were almost just as bad!  WOW!  So, when it came down to it Rachel and Brendon won easily, giving them complete control this week!


America’s Vote for Have NOT’S food:  (What do you think?)

1 – Gum drops and Grits

2 – Jelly Beans and Jerky

3 – Rock Candy and Radishes


I want them to get number 3 because I am mean…  If it were me in the house I would love to be on jerky because I could eat that for a week outside of the hosue!!!


In the HOH room Rachel and Brendon bring in all of the newbies to “get a feel” on their gameplay…  However, this was just a big waste of time because non of them were real with them…  They just nodded their head and said what they had to, so that they could stay safe.  At the veto meeting Rachel did exactly what I wanted her to… She kept nominations the same!  I WANT KEITH OUT!


What did you think tonight with Dick leaving and the division between the house?


Let me know right here by leaving a comment or by joining me tomorrow night during Big Brother LIVE on!  It’s fun, and it’s LIVE!


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