Amazing Race – Margie & Luke – Episode 6

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

After 2 legs of the race in China, the teams defiantly were tired of being in the county and multiple teams expressed it! 
After the first stop for a tea tasting they did find out they were all headed to India and as boring as this is… They all made it on the same flight. Then not to mention they had to go to town hall and it didn’t open until 10 am so they all waited for it to open.
The tea tasting back in China is now a big deal… The runners had to find the same tea out of hundreds of cups to proceed. Ron was the best at this as the moment he got there, knew exactly what he was looking for, and got it on his first try! AMAZING! As for the rest not quite so lucky! The ones with the hardest time were: Zev, Flight Time, and Luke. Zev even smashed one of his bowls when he was told he was incorrect again! However, ultimately Luke broke down in this and by the time he found the right tea everyone else had left.
The teams had to choose between Hindu Art or Bengali Literature for the next challenge… Some of both were completed but the real story is in Flight Time and Big Easy at the end when they dumped over some brown paint and had to redo a big portion of the elephant. 
The pit stop was at the Fountain of Joy and for the runners when they finished depended on the cab drivers once again. There was horrible traffic in the streets for the most part on the way over but Gary and Mallory finished first winning approximately 20,000 US dollars and an Indian fest, Jet and Cord were 2nd, Ron and Christina were 3rd, Zev and Justin were 4th, Kent and Vyxsin were 5th, Keesha and Jen were 6th, Flight Time and Big Easy were 7th, and last but not least was Margie and Luke at 8th. Margie and Luke were eliminated with a sad ending to their journey!
Join in during each episode on to chat with other fans! See you again in 2 weeks on April 11th!
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