Amazing Race – Jaime & Cara – Episode 5

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

It just was not the night for Jamie and Cara…! By reading you will see why and what my thoughts are on the situation.
As it turned out, Kent and Vyxsin caught up to the group because they had to take a train after completing the leg from episode 4 hours later in the day. They just received a 30 minute penalty at the end of this leg. Now, once they caught up to the group they didn’t tell them they got a penalty because they didn’t want to have the U-Turn target on their back…  
So, the runners were had to make it to the golden arches / golden horse and this was not McDonalds even though that was tried! HAHA The first to arrive here was Ron and Christina. Then, they had to complete a Detour of either “Honor Past” or “Embrace Future” and the 2 teams that get U-Turned will have to complete both. Margie and Luke made it to the Detour 1st but do not use the U-Turn, Jet and Cord arrive 2nd but don’t use the U-Turn… However, when Kent and Vyxsin arrive pretty much with Jamie and Cara they U-Turn Jaime and Cara right in front of them! I am sorry but this makes me not like Kent and Vyxsin even more! THAT IS JUST MEAN AND WRONG! So, Jaime and Cara U-Turn the Globetrotters.
At the Roadblock the runners had to build a dinosaur which turned out to be rather difficult. There were a couple parts that were hard to put together and some that were easily put on backwards. When Gary and Mallory arrived they thought it looked to hard due to they were already in last so they used their express pass! The real problem builders that were focused on were Jaime/Cara, Kent/Vyxsin, and Justin/Zev. I felt really bad for Jaime and Cara because of the U-Turn given right in front of them!
Jet and Cord came in 1st and received $5,000 each!
Gary and Mallory 2nd
Margie and Luke 3rd
Keesha and Jen 4th
Kent and Vyxsin 5th
Flight Time and Big Easy 6th
Ron and Christina 7th
Zev and Justin 8th
Jaime and Cara were eliminated at 9th
Once again… I want Kent and Vyxsin ELIMINATED! Their stunt with U-Turning Jaime and Cara when they were there together was just RIDICULOUS! 
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