Amazing Race: Unfinished Business - Thoughts and Recap of Episode 1

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Check out the recap of the first episode of The Amazing Race and what my thoughts are so far.

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Well the Amazing Race: Unfinished Business has begun for 11 teams that have never won the race! Starting out by hundreds of wind turbines and paper airplanes the runners have to find an airplane with the word “Qantas” on it to receive their first clue from Phil! The catch is… The first 8 to bring him the right airplane will leave on the first flight that leaves 90 minutes before the second flight… AND the last team to find the word will have a U-Turn in the next leg of the race!   
The first 8 to get the clue were: Mel and Mike, Zev and Justin, Jeff and Cord, Kent and Vyxsin, Ron and Christina, & Flight Time and Big Easy. 
The last 3 were: Kisha and Jen, Gary and Mallory, & Amanda and Kris coming in last which landed them the U-Turn.
I was laughing quite a bit at the fact that the first plane to leave had to land for refueling so the 90 minute later flight actually landed a fair amount of time before the first plane. This made it actually a benefit to not do well in the first challenge! How lucky is that? HAHA
To get to the next location they had to take a train and this is the beginning to Jet and Cord falling WAY behind… Poor guys! I know that a lot of people have been saying that they are excited that they COWBOYS are back… 
The first stop is at Ocean World where they all had to swim with the sharks and sting rays, and then come up with the phrase from the flag encoder to tell and receive the next clue! Gary and Mallory were able to finish first with Kisha and Jenn to follow in second! 
Next was some sailing… Those sail boats were FAST! Surprisingly the only team to my knowledge that flipped one was Jaime and Cara, otherwise this seemed to be a breeze for the rest of the teams!
The pit stop was at Shelly Beach where Gary and Mallory came in first to receive the EXPRESS PASS that can be used all season long to advance in the leg! They were immediately told that they were not done and Phil gave them the next clue to the race starting immediately! WOW!
The order then checking in was: Amanda and Kris in 2nd (will have to complete U-Turn in this upcoming leg), Kisha and Jen in 3rd, Zev and Justing in 4th, Big Easy and Flight Time in 5th, Jaime and Cara in 6th, Margie and Luke in 7th, Ron and Christina in 8th, Mel and Mike in 9th, and Ken and Vyxsin in 10th. Jet and Cord are still stuck at Water World trying to figure out the phrase…
Will the cowboys be able to crack the code? This episode was TBC so we will have to find out!
I for one thought that this season premiere was really good! The fact that the plane’s crossed due to refueling was quite the turn of events when the first 8 thought they were going to have the advantage. I really like Gary and Mallory so I hope that they due well because for so many rooting for Jet and Cord, that is about to come to an end quick… Poor Guys! They just can’t pull it off. 
What are your thoughts on the start to Unfinished Business?
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