Amazing Race Review & Thoughts – Ron & Christina – Episode 7

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

The runners find out right away that they are off to the airport! They had to fly to Varanasi and the key is to find the fastest flight as we all know. Well, all of the teams were successful except the Cowboys because they took a flight that arrived an hour AFTER everyone else! Come on now boys, you’re smarter than that!

For the Road Block they had to find men to collect a piece of paper from each to create the phrase “Once your over the hill you pick up speed.” The Cowboys arrived last of course because of their plane issue but they did not leave last… That was Ron and Christina… Ron really just over though it and spent way to much time in the wrong area! Keesha and Jen took first.
For the Detour they had to choose between “feed the fire” or “feed the buffalo.” I thought that feeding the buffalo looked much easier by getting the hay and just bringing it to the location compared to making 50 buffalo patties. But some teams did both…
My favorite quote of the night was by Keesha/Jen – “The crap you do for a million dollars”  (This did feed the fire with buffalo manure)  HAHA
After completing the detour Kent/Vyxsin were not having luck with the boat… So Vyxsin jumped in the water and Kent yelled “Don’t jump in the water Vyxsin, Are you insane?” HAHA I have to say this made me laugh really hard! HAHA
The trotters came in first and won a trip for 2 to Hawaii! Nice! I want to go! (hint hint) 
The rest came in as follows: Keesha/Jen, Gary/Mallory, Cowboys, Kent/Vyxsin, and Ron and Christina. Ron and Christina were eliminated.
I was sad to see Ron and Christina eliminated. I really wanted to see Kent and Vyxsin eliminated instead. They just are not my favorite team…
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