Amazing Race Review & Thoughts – Kent & Vyxsin – Episode 10

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

Well the race was arctic for this leg of the race! That snow and altitude looked brutal! With only $1 for the leg the runners race to be one of the remaining 4 continue in the season finale! The race started off bad for Kent and Vyxsin and remained bad throughout… Right off the bat they were not able to get a taxi to bring them to the flight pad… Once again taxi’s and airlines can make or break you in this game!

The helicopter’s job was to bring the runners to the detour challenge location where they had to choose between Search or Rescue. The only teams to do search, which meant they had to dig up a manikin out of snow was Gary & Mallory and Zev and Justin. This proved to be the harder option… The other teams that did Rescue just had to be let down a creator, hook onto the stranded mountaineer, and pull them back up to the ground for the next clue. This is where the idea of continuing for Zev and Justin got a little cloudy!

As for Kent and Vyxsin, they just continued to fight with each other throughout the entire leg… What’s new? After completing the detour the teams had to take the train to their next location. Everyone other than Justin and Zev were on the same train leaving them behind… Which you would think is the end of the line but never let hope die!

The next challenge was to build a giant gnome out of chocolate! It actually looked really fun. But of course when there are “too many cooks in the kitchen” as Zev said once they finally arrived chaos is going to happen! The way to build these gnomes was to let the chocolate cool in the freezer and of course come of them got mixed up and the wrong owner grabbed one. I would be mad to so I don’t know what really to say but you just have to move on…

Kent and Vyxsin were the first to complete the gnome and the clue said to go to the Pit Stop by foot… However, they took a taxi… They were not the first to arrive however, the Globe Trotters were and they won a trip by Travelocity to the Cook Islands! Sounds like fun!!! Kisha Jen came in 2nd and then Kent and Vyxsin showed up… They had no idea what they had done and are given a 30 minute penalty… This penality turned out to be the end of the journey for them as Gary and Mallory came in to claim 3rd and then Zev and Justin came in to claim 4th, leaving Kent & Vyxsin last to be eliminated.

I can’t say that I am sorry to see them go because I was tired of all the whining and bickering. I am glad to see that they seem to be true soul mates though! Great ending to their journey I guess to see that!!!

Make sure to join in next week during the finale LIVE on to chat with other fans about the runners! Talk to you then!!!

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