Amazing Race Review & Thoughts – Cowboys – Episode 9

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

This race was a great one on Easter weekend! It just wasn’t Jet and Cord’s night… They were never in the lead and then the detour really did them in! I am sure that I am not alone when I say that I was sad to see them eliminated! If you were one of them, all I can say is it just wasn’t meant to be for them…

The team that started out bad was Gary & Mallory and they are the ones that had a speed bump due to coming in last of the prior leg. They once again got a horrible cab driver that put them in last place for the time being. The road block that they were headed to was designed by having a team member ride a bike to measure the length of the town of 22km. Gary and Mallory’s speed bump was right away at the road block where they had to mix the gas and oil for the bike. Of course they got it right away so they didn’t’ loose much time! 

The road block though is what determined the outcome of this game… The only team that had to turn around and do the entire bike ride over was Jet/Cord. The answer presented was 35 km so that made for a long ride back. Quite a few of the other teams actually shared answers which is why no one else had to go back! It seemed like the teams really did plot against the cowboys this leg of the race…

Now they all had to go to Zermatt where they would be greeted with the detour… This time they could choose between either eating cheese fondue or delivering 20 bags of luggage to the hotels. Zev and Justin were the only ones to finish the cheese by choice and everyone else did the luggage…

The Trotters had some problems with the luggage challenge because they lost 2 slips… However, when they did complete the challenge they decided to U-Turn Jet and Cord which made them have to go eat the cheese as well. This pretty much determined that Jet and Cord were not moving on! I do have to mention that none of the other leading teams used the U-Turn which actually kind of surprised me… (I know… I wasn’t happy either about the cowboys!)

So the outcome was: Justin and Zev 1st (winning a trip for 2 to the Caribbean), Kisha and Jen 2nd, Kent and Vyxsin 3rd, Gary and Mallory 4th, Trotters 5th, and the Cowboys were 6th meaning that the Cowboys were eliminated from the race… Poor Guys!!!

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