Amazing Race Finale! – LaKisha & Jennifer – Episode 11

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

The race has come to an end for the final 4 teams! It was between: Gary and Mallory, Flight Time and Big Easy, LaKisha and Jen, and Zev and Justin. In a two hour episode only one team got to walk away with a million dollars!

Who was my pick of the night… Absolutely Gary and Mallory!

Starting off in Switzerland the teams headed to Brazil were all of the teams made the same flight. However, once they were off the flight, the Trotters missed the train the teams had to catch to reach their next location giving them a 30 minute delay. Once the reams get off the train they had to find a tile that informed them of where to go for the Road Block.

For the Road Block the teams had to learn a dance from Brazil’s culture. Everyone learning the dance didn’t have many problems other than Zev. He unfortunately…   As Zev put it… “Has white boy rhythm!” HAHA  So, even though Zev and Justin were the first to arrive they left in 4th place.

After the dance each team member had to do a 15 minute Brazilian wax. Can I just say… OUCH! Gary and Mallory didn’t look like they hurt to bad, nor did Kisha and Jen but the 2 male only teams had some issues… Zev and Justin were definitely the worst. I was feeling for them… That had to hurt like no other!!!

As for the detour it went downhill even further for Zev and Justin. They decided to do “On the Beach” which was selling bikinis to women and then they had to try them on right away… Not going to happen! So they ended up going to where everyone else started out at… “On the Rocks” At “On the Rocks” they teams just had to mix 100 correct drinks which proved not to difficult once they knew what was going on…

So Gary and Mallory ended up WINNING the first leg of the race followed by Kisha and Jen, Flight Time and Big Easy, and last Zev and Justin. Zev and Justin were eliminated as well.

Now, on to the final leg of the race! The teams had to fly back to Miami, Florida and they were all on the same flight. However, ss we all know cab drivers are everything! Gary and Mallory got a horrible cab driver and lost about 30 minutes not knowing where to go. Mallory is always so upbeat though… “Gotta have faith and a feeling!”

At the Road Block they all had to transport a boat with a forklift which seemed to be easy for everyone. Then, they had to go to the Undersea Lodge which was really cool with mermaids and buried treasure! (The clues were the treasure this time!) They all got through this rather easy as well.

Then the teams headed to horseshoe island, then to the speedboat, and then to trailer hood. At trailer hood the teams had to replicate a trailer… The wind was the first main issue and the other was knowing how to set the table. Gary and Mallory were able to finally meet up with the teams here but just couldn’t get it completed in time. Kisha and Jen completed the replica first, followed by the Trotters soon after, and then finally Gary and Mallory.

Once completed they had a 7 mile bike ride to the pit stop were Kisha and Jen were the first to arrive and win 1 MILLION BUCKS! Congrats to LaKisha and Jennifer! Good work ladies! Trotters were second and then Gary and Mallory checked in!

It was a great season and I can’t wait to see what next season has in store!

Make sure to join in once again on each episode to let us all know what you think of the runners! Have a great summer!
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