Amazing Race - Psyco - Episode 8

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

The Amazing Race started out this leg with a plane ride. Nothing like the opportunity for everyone to be on even playing ground in this game to start off an episode! However, Jet and Cord decided to take a risk by taking a more direct flight than all of the other teams. This ended up costing them a half hour because the other plane didn’t get delayed as they expected! Great idea though guys!
Once they arrived in Austria they had to get into their new 2012 Ford Focus and use the back up camera for their next clue. Everyone figured it out quickly except for Gary and Mallory… The beginning of a leg of troubles for these 2!
For the first challenge after their library stop was to choose between “long hard walk” or “quick and easy meal.” The long hard walk was to bring a couch to the specified location and easy meal was to eat a meal in 12 minutes. 3 teams including Gary and Mallory decided to try the meal and NONE of them could complete it so they had to go to the couch location to do that challenge! This is the 2nd of Gary and Mallory’s issues…
The Trotters were in 1st when they delivered their couch! After Kent and Vyxsin delivered their couch and headed to the next location Vyxsin says… “I can’t deal with your psycho behavior” and “If we loose today, I’m never going to speak to you again!” Dang Vyxsin, I can’t say I’m a fan of Kent either but those words are MEAN!
The last part of this leg was to clean a chimney! This is said to bring good luck there… I guess, because that is what they said… I think it just sounds like work! Howver, once completed they had to head to the Villa Trapp for this leg’s Pit Stop!
Zev in Justin came in 1st each winning a new 2012 Ford Focus! NICE! (I want to win a car!) Flight Time Big Easy were 2nd, Kent and Vyxsin were 3rd, Keesha and Jen were 4th, Jet and Cord were 5th, and Gary and Mallory came in last at 6th! However they were NOT eliminated and will have a speed bump in the next leg of the race! I am so happy about that! I don’t want them to be eliminated yet!
Let me know your thoughts here and make sure and join in during the show on each night during Survivor and The Amazing Race!!!
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