Big Brother Spoilers - Week 4 - Unitard is BACK, POV WINNER!, Birthday in the House!, Nominations!, Luxary, Fights!, and HOH

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

What is happneing in the Big Brother house? Who won POV, who is on the block, who won the luxary comp, who is wearin' the unitard, and what other crazy or interesting things have happend?

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

So Saturday was the day for the luxury prize, the POV backyard competition, and the POV ceremony!  Enzo, Brendon and Hayden won the luxury competition and got to watch the new Will Farrell movie called "The Other Guys", along with Rachel since she is HOH.

The POV competition took place and they played "Wizards or Pinball" in the backyard.  The players in the POV were: Rachel, Hayden, Kristen, Ragan, Britney, and Enzo. Part of the game resulted in other things… Not just the POV! Kristen has to wear the red unitard from Big Brother 8, Hayden has been put into solitary confinement in the Have Not room, Rachel won $5,000, and Britney won the POV! 

From the looks of things Britney is too scared of Rachel to use it so she is planning on leaving the nominations as they are.  This looks like a goodbye for Kristen.  I myself wanted to see a brigade member walk out the door from Rachel reign as HOH but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen!  Darn!

I also learned that it is confirmed that Brendon and Rachel got it on the HOH room on Thursday night! Gee everyone saw that coming… Funniest thing is I guess Brendon told Rachel first thing afterwards is: “I’m Sorry!” HAHA

Today has been full of excitement! The house guests got to compete in a luxury competition but since the feed is cut, I am not sure what they played or who won yet at this time. The nominations ceremony took place and Rachel of course nominated Kristen and Hayden for eviction! I so wanted her to put up Matt and Enzo but Hayden would have been fine with me as well… Rachel just has it out for Kristen, hey have definitely spoke their minds in some heated fights since the HOH competition!
As for the house guest who has a birthday on Saturday July 31st… Matt does! The house is hoping that they get a cake and some treats! HAHA
The POV will take place tomorrow and all eyes will be on Hayden and Kristen because if one of them wins who will Rachel put up on the block? The suspense! They already have the game to practice on which is a Big Brother backyard pinball machine. Everyone is practicing other than Enzo because he believes it is just based on luck so he isn’t going to practice at all. Good game play by Enzo? I don’t think so!

Also, I want to know… Who do you think will be voted by America to become the next “Saboteur?” 
I don't know about you but I was shaking at the end of the LIVE eviction episode on July 28th after Andrew was evicted!  The house guests go outside to play a game called "Big Brother Knockout" and the way it is played out 2 house guests have to answer a question with the responses: HOH, Have Not, or POV after Julie Chen asks them.  Then the winner picks the next 2 to face off.  Right away you can tell the house is gunning for Brendon and Rachel when they put up Brendon vs. Rachel.  Rachel won against Brendon and then in the end faced off against Lane and WON!  Rachel is the new HOH! 

At the end of the episode you already caught a glimpse of Rachel laying into Kristen and Hayden for having the second showmance of the season!  Will Rachel put up Kristen and Hayden on the block?  What kinds of havoc will Rachel put the house though?

Find out the spoilers as soon as they happen right her on my blog, and join the LIVE blog on during each episode on CBS!

Also, if you want to win a piece of Big Brother merchandise after each episode and enter to win a 32" HD TV at the end of the season, text the next house guests name to be evicted to 41554 and if you select the correct house guest...  You will be entered to win!  Each week will require a new entry.  Good Luck!
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