Big Brother Spoilers - Week 3 POV WINNER, HOH, HAVE NOTS, & NOMINATIONS

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Who ate a spider, what do the house guests do on a saturday night, who WON the POV, who were the first 5 to fall in the “Hang 10” competition to be a “Have”, who lasted the longest to become the next (3rd) HOH, who did the new HOH put up on the block. and who is played in the POV comp?

- Posted By: Brian Haug - 

Today the house guests that were drawn to compete for the POV got to duke it out!  Drum Roll...  Brendon WON!  This means that Brendon and Rachel will get to spend another week in the house together and you can tell by thier enjoyment of being in the house that they are safe from the block the rest of the week!  On saturday night, the house had some fun by playing flippy cup with alcoholic beverages...  Now if you don't know what flippy cup is I guess you have to look it up on the net....  HAHA  - Then who would have thought a saturday night would resemble SURVIVOR?  Kristen out of the blue when they are playing ate a "daddy long legs"!  Can you believe this?  Kristen are you CRAZY?!?!

At around 10pm the POV name drawing took place and the plan to send Brendon home back door style may or may not work!  I guess that Brendon was one of the first names drawn and Rachel was drawn afterwards!  The people I know will be playing in the POV comp are Matt, Andrew, Kathy, Brendon, Rachel and Lane.  I know that Hayden and Kristen are not playing.  The only person I don't know about is Britney.  The host chosen was Enzo!

I like pulling for the under dogs so I am rooting for Brendon or Rachel to win POV!


Matt the sneaky man I have said he is since the beginning of the season has put up Andrew and Kathy as the initial nominations for eviction this week.  However, he has made it clear that his real target is Brendon!  So as long as Brendon or Rachel do not win the POV this week, his plan is to get any of the other house guests that win POV to take either Andrew or Kathy off and he will put up Brendon.  From the sounds of things this plan is being agreed to by all of the other house guests except Ragan...  Ragan thinks that no one will want to use the POV but they have said they would and have also said that they will work on Ragan to get him agreed to the plan.

WOW!  All I have to say is this does not look good for Brendon!  For his sake he BETTER play in the POV comp or he is going to be the next house guests evicted! 

And we are down to 11 house guests! Monet was evicted!

At the “Hang 10” combined HOH and Have – Have Not competition after the LIVE eviction the house guests had to balance on surf boards under water falls and wind. The first 5 to fall would become Have’s for the week and the last to fall would become the new HOH!

I right away noticed that Matt was hardly even wet at the end of the LIVE eviction show and looked like he was making the competition a piece of cake. Turns out that I was correct and Matt received the key and became the next (3rd) Head of Household! (From what he says it is due to having little feet… HAHA)

The first 5 to fall were (in no specific order): Kristen, Lane, Kathy, Britney, and Hayden to make them Have’s along with Rachel, an automatic have from being HOH last week! So, this makes the Have Not’s (in no specific order): Enzo, Andrew, Brendon, and Ragan.

I actually really wanted Brendon to win HOH because I don’t want to see him or Rachel go home just quite yet. They were the first showmance this season and I actually like them both more than others in the house like Enzo, Lane, Hayden, and Matt!  It seems as though Andrew is the only one in the house that knows, or has spoke, about the second showmance Hayden and Kristen… I think that Matt will put up either both Rachel and Brendon, or Kathy and Andrew. When I was watching the LIVE feed he told Rachel that he wants to put up Kathy and Andrew with the target of Kathy to go home…

We shall see how this week unfolds!

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