Big Brother Spoilers - Before Live Eviction July 22nd

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Who lost the Have-Have Not competition, was put up for eviction, won the Power of Veto, and what interesting events have happened in the Big Brother House? Is there another showmance in the house?

- Posted By: Brian Haug-

Well, we are down to 12 remaining house guests! The first LIVE eviction took place on July 15th and the house guests were unanimous on voting out Annie. To my surprise and America’s it was announced that Annie was in fact the saboteur! I don’t know about you but this was a total shock to me! I never heard anyone mention her name and I myself thought it was Matt just because I think he is a bit sneaky… 

Annie was able to pull off all her stunts and even leave one or more behind… Some included the locked food, noise, makers, the life long friend’s announcement, and more! The eviction chair everyone went to at the end of the LIVE show was because of a stink bomb Annie left for them...  :-)  The buzz about the life long friends has only focused on Hayden and Kristen at this point. Do you think that this is correct? Let me know! 

After the LIVE Eviction Hayden had to give up his key and 11 house guests competed for HOH! They had to select the answer to each question asked by host Julie Chen that they thought the majority of the house would answer… It came down to Britney, Rachel and Monet… Rachel became the new HOH! Now even though the saboteur is gone, I foresee Rachel and Brendon wreeking their own havoc on the house!!!  Agreed?

 During the day on Friday, the have-have not competition took place! The prize for the losers voted by America turns out to be fish sticks, fruit cake, and slop for the week! Funny thing is Brendon says he will not be cooking for anyone else this week… The loosing team consisted of Britney, Monet, Enzo, and Brendon and Britney blames herself for their loss…

Then on Friday night the time had come for Rachel to put up her 2 people for eviction! I was for sure that Hayden would be going up on the block but as it turns out Britney and Monet are! Of course they went crying to the have-not room after the nomination ceremony… Enzo was the consoling one for them… HAHA

The Power of Veto has taken place and drumroll please...  Britney won and will obviously take herself off the block!  Rachel has agreed to not put up Lane, Hayden...  She has said that she would like to put up Matt...  Which did end up taking place at the veto cerimony.  Matt and Monet at now the two on the block!  The person that Rachel wants out is Monet! 

NEW:  Now it seems that the possible life long friends; Hayden and Kristen, may be the second Big Brother 12 showmance!  They have been spending alot of time together and Hayden has said that he is attracted to Kristen.  There is question now though that Annie the saboteur made up the life long friends announcement just like the statement of being safe from the block.  Only time will tell!  Thoughts?

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