Big Brother Spoilers - Before Live Eviction July 15th

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Who already had a showmance, who was up on the Block, and who won POV?

-Posted By: Brian Haug -

The season of Big Brother 12 has officially begun!  The Sabateur, The "Life Long Friends", The POV and The Showmance! 

Since Hayden WON HOH he had the duty to put 2 of the house guests up "on the block" which was Brendon and Rachel.  So, as we know the POV winner has the chance to take themselves "off the block".  It turns out that Brendon did win the POV and took himself "Off The Block" and Hayden then put up Annie in his place!  An interesting event also occured...  Andrew through the challenge because he didn't want a target on his back...

The Sabateur has also announced to the house guests that there are "Life Long Friends" in the house...  It would appear as though these are Kathy and Britney because Kathy has let it somewhat slip...  The other possibility is that it is Annie and Brendon...  She said that she knew that he was coming on the show...  UPDATE:  Turns out that both of the above ideas were wrong!  IT'S HAYDEN AND KRISTEN!

The dirty has already happend in the house!  I guess that Brendon and Rachel have become more than just friends in the house with the first SHOWMANCE!  The word is that they got it on in the house but since that isn't something they will show the public it isn't for sure how far they went...

It isn't sure who the Sabateur is yet but the idea is that it is Andrew or Annie...  I think it is Matt along wtih some others from the TV station...

Andrew has become somewhat isolated in the house from the rest of the guests.  If not being in the previous challenge and everyone thinking he is Sabateur wasn't enough he has taken a joke Lane said and turned it into some giant deal...  If Andrew doesn't get into one of the "cliques" as they were called last season I forsee him being the next put on the block and voted out.

As for the DRAMA in the house, since Annie is now "On The Block" her only hope is that she can convienence everyone that Brendon and Rachel are to much of a threat as a showmance to get Rachel voted out this week.  Her only problem is she is campaigning so much that she is likly going to tick everyone off and no one will want her to stay!

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