Survivor Heroes vs Villains SPOILER - Episode 14 – FINALE

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Find out what is known about the FINALE episode before the show airs!!! Who will win ONE MILLION DOLLARS?

 - Posted By: Brian Haug -

Final 5 Immunity Challenge: Looks like the plate staking challenge is BACK! It has gone back and forth in the spoiler world of either Jerri or Parvati winning this challenge. However, when all is said and done it looks like Parvati takes home the win!

Final 5 Tribal Council: The Heroes have all been snuffed at this point when Colby is voted out bringing the castaway number down to the final 4!
Final 4 Immunity Challenge: Unfortunately there just isn’t much to spoiler information due to the quick turnaround of programming. It is either going to be once again Parvati or Russell that wins this challenge.
Final 4 Tribal Council: The Villains are finally forced to turn on each other… The time has come for Jerri to be the final member of the jury!
Jury Vote: The final 3 appear to be Russell, Parvati, and Sandra! This is hard to say that the following winner is for sure correct because the jury votes are truly not revealed until the live show on Sunday May 16th! However, the spoilers all indicated that Sandra is in fact the Season 20 million dollar winner!
To break it down Russell did not create for nothing. He created it knowing that he did not win either season. So, the only other way this could flop is toward Parvati, it doesn’t look like that is going to be the case.
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More if details emerge.

What are your thoughts? 

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