Survivor Heroes vs Villains SPOILER - Episode 12 – “A Sinking Ship”

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Find out what is known about the twelfth episode before the show airs!!! Who will be the 2 castaways voted out this week in the double tribal councils? Who will find yet again another immunity idol?


- Posted By: Brian Haug -

1st Immunity Challenge: The castaways have a choice… Feast or fight for immunity! Danielle and Jerri decide to sit out of this one for the feast.
The challenge is called “When It Rains It Pours” played in All-Stars and Fans vs. Favorites. It looks like it all comes down to Parvati vs. Rupert but who do you guess win’s at a game? 
Yes… Parvati wins it!
Hidden Immunity Idol: With the idol back in circulation, it is up for grabs once again. “With alliances teetering on shaky ground, everyone is scrambling for the protection of the hidden immunity idol.”
At the bucket challenge, Jeff relays a clue to the castaways about the hidden immunity idol whereabouts. To my surprise, I guess that Sandra finds it and does not play it until day 36 when it is down to the final 6! (There is something about nobody knew she had it and Rupert played present with a rock, so they all gave up.)
1st Tribal Council: Not much to go on here other than Candice is sent packing!
2nd Immunity Challenge: This is a multi stage obstacle course that comes down to 3 castaways really “competing” in it… Those 3 are: Parvati, Rupert, and Russell. It appears that Parvati wins again!  UPDATE: IT WAS RUSSELL THAT WINS IT!
2nd Tribal Council: It seems as though the Heroes are being picked off one by one… This tribal’s snuffed torch is in the hands of Danielle! Russell seems to have decided to target her and we all know how his targets seem to be the ones that go home. Russell didn’t like that she was also making alliances with the Heroes tribe and Russell didn’t want anyone else doing that but him! HAHA 
So the vote was: Russell, Colby, Rupert, and Jerri for Danielle; and Sandra, Parvati, and Danielle for Rupert.

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More if details emerge.

What are your thoughts? 

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