Survivor Heroes vs Villains SPOILER - Episode 7 – “I’m Not A Good Villain”

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

FINALLY Find out what is known about the seventh episode before the show airs!!! Is Russell running the show again? Find out who is voted out at tribal!!!

Posted By: Brian Haug


Reward Challenge:  This challenge “Basketbrawl” is from the Tocantins season episode 2.  So the remaining castaways Coach and JT have the advantage of playing this challenge before. 


This is another full contact challenge designed as a basketball game, played in water that is up to their knees!  The first team to an unknown number will win the challenge.  The teams are unknown but they will for sure be combinations of all men, all women, and then coed.


It is unknown at this time who wins the challenge.


Hidden Immunity Idol:  Since Russell gave his idol to Parvarti to play at tribal last week, both the Heroes and Villains have a new hidden immunity idol back at camp ready to be found!  If you were to guess Russell is back on the hunt for the re-hidden idol, you are correct, and surprisingly the Heroes don’t seem to care about the hidden immunity idol at their camp!


So far 2 idols have been found and both played, one by the Heroes and one by the Villains…  It is said that at least 4 are played to take castaways out of the game and since only 2 have been aired, that means Russell must be a busy man the rest of the season re-finding idols!  (Unless someone else actually finds one)  Supposedly, no more idols are played until the merge.

Immunity Challenge:  This challenge “Caught in the Web” is making its way back from episode 4 of Africa.  So, no one remaining this season has played this game.


The design of this challenge is revolving around nets.  The castaways run across a net, climb another net, and retrieve baskets/bags tied to another net.


From the snuff list that was spoiled the beginning of the season we know that the Heroes WIN immunity this week!


Tribal Council:  Russell was able to pull off his agenda and got the castaways to vote off Boston Rob!  Votes cast for Boston Rob are Russell, Parvarti, Danielle, and the flipper Jerri!


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Ep 2 – Stephenie
Ep 3 – Randy
Ep 4 – Cirie
Ep 5 – Tom
Ep 6 – Tyson
Ep 6 - James
Ep 7 - Boston Rob
More if details emerge.

What are your thoughts? 

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