Survivor Heroes vs Villains SPOILER - Episode 4

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Find out what is known about the third episode before the show airs!!! Who finds the hidden immunity idol and plays it???

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For the Recap of Episode 4 visit:
Reward Challenge:  It isn’t certain if this is just the reward challenge or not because so far this season the reward/immunity challenges have been combined.
This challenge for reward was originally used in Fiji! The two tribes dive down slip-n-slides and have to grab a specific numbered ball, then shoot it into a basket at the end of the course. The first tribe to get the ball in the basket gets a point, and the first tribe to six wins! 
Hidden Immunity Idol: The race is on to find the hidden immunity idols and at least one person does SUCCEED! One of the idols is used by Tom! He may or may not have found it but he gets the opportunity to use it. 
It isn’t certain on how the tribes get clues but a guess may be that it comes from the reward challenge. At the reward challenge the idea is that the winning tribe will get a clue but Jeff tells everyone that there is a hidden immunity idol at each camp! Yes, this means 2 immunity idols!
Immunity Challenge: Not much to go on for an immunity challenge other than it may be combined with the reward challenge and the Villains WIN!
Tribal Council: The Heroes head back to tribal once again and with the play of the hidden immunity idol by Tom, Cirie is voted out!
Ep 1 – Sugar
Ep 2 – Stephenie
Ep 3 – Randy
Ep 4 – Cirie
More if details emerge.

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