Survivor Heroes vs Villains SPOILER - Episode 3

By: Brian Haug
By: Brian Haug

Find out what is known about the third episode before the show airs!!!

- Posted By: Brian Haug -

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Reward Challenge: Other than the fact that the Villains win the reward challenge, everything else is really unclear… The “Slip, Slide, & Score” promo video is actually used in Ep 4. Why they did this is unsure. Maybe to throw off all of these spoilers… HAHA

Immunity Idol: It is said that there will be an idol played in the next episode (Ep 4) by Tom. One would have to guess that he finds it but nothing is for sure on that. 

Immunity Challenge:  This challenge is from Fiji and Palau. In Fiji the castaways are faced off in a modified sumo battle, hitting each other with large pillows in an attempt to knock the opponent into the water. First tribe to seven points wins!

In the promo, when Rupert roars he is actually on the sidelines, cheering that the Hero’s just won the immunity challenge! 

Tribal Council: “Randys doom came at the hands of Russell who hit the machete and blamed it on Randy. Randy being sarcastic made it worse by exaggerating the story, without the machete the Villains will be miserable for days! Randy goes home first!!!”

Randy is the first Villain voted out of the game!

Ep 1 – Sugar
Ep 2 – Stephenie
Ep 3 – Randy

More if details emerge.

What are your thoughts? 

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