Survivor Samoa - Should Russell Have Won?

By: Dave Johnson
By: Dave Johnson

blog by Dave Johnson

Natalie and Russell were the top 2 finishers on this seasons Survivor.  It was a very good year on the show especially with odd characters like Shambo and Russell.  We will talk to Russell and Natalie Tuesday morning at 6:40 so tune in and see if Russell is still bitter.

Do you think Russell should have won the top prize?  I was having a conversation with one of our producers Nick and he was telling me that Russell should have won because he played a better game.  He clawed his way to the top of the heap and then the jury voted for Natalie.  He said this just shows the way Survivor winners are picked is flawed.  I couldn't disagree more.  While I'm often surprised at who has won some of the past seasons, I still think they deserved it.  It's all up to the jury and how ever they decide things.

But Nick was saying that since Russell had been the tricky behind the scenes schemer that he should win it all.  He says Russell did the best job of steering the votes and manipulated his way to the top.  I contend though that his moves were great, but if they come at the expense of angering every person as you go, then it loses effect.  And the results show that to be true.  He was too aggressive, too manipulative and too arrogant.  it all led to his demise in my opinion.  He was the best strategist if you take away how people will feel about his actions.  He was able to blind side people left and right and find the hidden immunity idols right when he needed them...but if you turn on everyone then they're eventually going to turn on you.

I guess it's the same as a hugely buff guy who wins the first 8 challenges or something and when he loses that 9th one everyone quickly votes him out.  You can't say he was the better player so he should have won.  If he truly was a better player he should have purposely NOT won all those challenges in an effort to hide his strength.  To me Survivor is all about a balanced attack...a little strength, a little social skills, and a lot surviving the elements.  But more importantly knowing WHEN to do what.  But if you only have one or two of those skills you won't win.  Have I thought about this too much?  I'm ready to get on the show...if only I didn't work at a CBS affiliate dang it!

What do you think?

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